The School Cafeteria has a designated staff of cooks, helpers and servers. The Catering Manager is under vigilant supervision of the school authorities. The menu is planned keeping in mind the nutritional value, liking and interests of the children. No ‘junk food’ or ‘colas’ is served as part of School policy. The Cafeteria follows strict standards of hygiene and safety. Three designated breaks are scheduled for Primary, Middle and Senior school. Only mineral water is served in the School Cafeteria.

One of the basic lessons taught in school cafeteria is cooperation between students, head teachers, teachers, parents, and catering staff.

The health-related and social role of school meals, the objectives of teaching nutrition and manners, and the recreational aspect of lunch breaks are taken into account when arranging school meals and snacks. Students are allowed at least 30 minutes for eating,

As with school lunches, before- and after-school snacks are also provided which includes a light snack and fresh fruits.