The framework and the objectives of the school are derived from the core values of our founder – Satyug Darshan Trust. These have been defined as below:

Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya is a residential cum day boarding school with the CBSE curriculum, providing education to students from diverse cultures. The school’s education programme is consciously set within a spiritual and moral based life, which is dedicated to make children understand and assimilate the true worth of worldly knowledge and eternal oneness of Jiva and Brahm. The school is dedicated to the service of the whole humanity.

Being a day-boarding cum residential school, we presume that all students will learn and pick up cues from the whole experience they get here. Be it class room, activities room, play ground, mess or the hostel. The teachers do not just teach in classrooms, but in all these areas. The staff is requested to devote time to the activities and individual students, which is beyond what is provided in a day school.

We have a self regulating and particular ethos, which to a large extent is given out by our surroundings and the backgrounds we come from.