Separate Girls and Boys hostels are located at picturesque location in the western side. Windows of the hostel provide panoramic view of the surrounding agricultural fields, which changes color throughout the year due to the change in seasons. But what remains constant throughout the year is the purity of oxygen that students inhale all throughout.

There are 2 dedicated hostel blocks, for boys and girls. The building design provides for free movement of students, free flow of light in the rooms and has a good cross ventilation of the air. The building is new and well equipped with communication and recreation facilities. All rooms are air conditioned and spacious.

Each building consists of warden’s apartment who, is directly responsible for the well being of students in that block. While junior students have dormitories, senior students are provided with 2-student per room sharing plan. Boarders can access various recreation facilities available in their floor or building:

1.Music Practice room

2.Common Rooms with TV


4.Neighbouring sport facilities

Girls Hostel

Located adjacent to the school building is looked after by caring and mature lady wardens. Their block too has similar amenities and we do not differentiate between boys and girls but infact focus on empowering girls in all spheres of their life.

Dietary Requirement

A dietician is engaged to define and ensure the quality of all meals. It is ensured that a meal not only is nutritious but has the right calorific value. Satyug Darshan Vasundhra being a vegetarian campus ensures a clean and healthy kitchen set up.


Satyug has invested in a modern laundry equipped with large washing machines, dry-cleaning machines and ironing facilities. These are supervised by qualified staffs, who ensure a spotless cleaning of hostlers’ clothes and dresses.


The vidyalaya is having its own fleet of buses, which ply up to Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad ferrying day – boarders everyday. Staff cars also available for the functionaries of the organization.

Books Support

School has empanelled vendors for textbooks and stationery. This is a value addition that school provides. Books can be purchased from these vendors at the school premises.


School has well-equipped and maintained laboratories to give students access and firsthand experience of various principles of their subject and topics. School offers following laboratories:
Maths and
Social Science


Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya has ultra-modern smokeless kitchen equipments to cater to very large number of users seamlessly. This ensures hygiene factors and helps achieve efficiencies. Cleanliness and hygiene are on top of the Mess agenda.

We have a strong value system at the mess. Each student is expected to pray before taking his/her meal. Children are expected to abide by the table manners during their meals. The day boarders too take their refreshments and lunch at the school mess.


Physical fitness and mental alertness are given priority in the school. Nutritious vegetarian food gives them physical strength and agility, regular morning jerks and yoga excersices keep them mentally fit.
However, vidyalaya has appointed a qualified doctor and a nurse whose services are available round the clock. A dispensary is remained opened day and night for those who need medicine or first aid. This dispensary is linked with multispecility hospital at Faridabad, which is hardly 10km from Vasundhara. A dedicated ambulances van is stationed in front of the dispensary to meet out any emergency.

Water Filteration Plant

The vidyalaya is having independent water supply scheme. A bore well is dug in a nearby village and pumped water is stored in a sump well where it is chlorinated, filtered and further boosted to the hostels and kitchen block. Therefore, sufficient water is available round the clock to all the inmates of the campus. All the hostels, school building, kitchen and dining hall are further provided with Reverse Osmoses systems to make available safe drinking water to the inmates of the campus.

Kit Support

The school has empanelled vendors to ensure uniformity and quality of uniforms. Parents are advised to buy the school uniforms from these appointed vendors. The school office co-ordinates for sizes and quantity.
The uniforms are available throughout the year, but it is suggested that parents buy the uniforms at the beginning of the academic year. These can be purchased from the school office.


A grid station is erected in the four walls of the Vasundhra campus to ensure uninterrupted power supply round the clock. This grid is direcltly linked with the National grid. Apart from, a high capacity gen. set is also installed to ensure smooth supply of electricity. The campus is self reliant with regards to the generation and supply of electricity.

Security & Safety

Safety and Security is the prime concern of the vidyalaya. The students are not allowed to move out of the campus at their own.Health hazard points in the campus have already been taken care of. The campus is adequately lit during nighttime. Sprays of various kinds are done regularly to kill uncalled for insects and mosquitoes. All the manhole points are plugged, wild growth of grass is cut on regular intervals. The boundary wall of the campus is more than ten feet high and further barbed fencing is raised to prevent unauthorized entry from outside. There is only one entry to the main campus, which is guarded around the clock.Guards are also posted in front of all buildings located in the campus. They keep watch on all those who enter the campus and ensure safety and security who are staying inside the campus.


Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya respects and values the freedom of expression and it believes that it makes more talented individuals. There are various clubs which organizes events, contests, declamations, debates, exhibitions, quiz competitions and various other activities. All these are conducted under the stewardship of respective Club Heads, typically taken from School Staff members.


Regular trips and excursions are organized for students, both for boarders and day scholars. There are visits to Art Galleries, Museums, Historical places and monuments, Literary excursions, Places of cultural relevance, Adventure trips, jungle walks etc.