Labs and Library

Our School takes great pride in reinventing and renovating state-of-the-art facilities for Satyug  Darshan . The School Laboratories are an exemplary arena where students learn, explore, experiment and enhance their objectives in Science!

The school labs are the place where students convert the theoretical knowledge experience into practical one. Theoretical knowledge is of no use until students get to explore, experiment and form their own conclusions. For this purpose we provide lab facilities for practical experience .Our School labs are well-equipped, organized , maintained and spacious to provide opportunity to learn. Our expert faculty and well trained Lab Assistants are always providing guidance to young innovators to fulfill the demand of the curriculum.

The laboratory infrastructure consists of all essential equipments , specimens, apparatus and chemicals.

Along with interactive smart board, soft board, internet connectivity and Projector.

The school has provided different labs for each subject like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Social Science and computers. Each lab is provided with all amenities necessary to perform experiment. Safety kits are also provided for the students to avoid any accidents or mishap in the lab.

The faculty works hard with the students ,share their skills so that they can compete with the students of other schools.


At Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya , we believe that Nobel laureates are not created with  huge research facilities , but in the humble school labs. Our labs bring learning to life as students get to explore, experiment, and form their own conclusions.

There are models, charts, apparatus, equipments, kits and other study material catering to the needs of all classes with working tables for Physics experiments and projects. Each laboratory accommodates about 20-30 pupils at one time. The Physics lab is equipped with a wide variety of apparatus and each work-station has an electrical point. Other than models and flowcharts, a projector makes room for innovative methods of teaching scientific concepts.

Our labs play a key role in educational effectiveness of the curriculum in attaining effective, cognitive and practical goals.


To encourage students to learn through practice, a fully equipped maths lab is provided, where they can access the study materials for performing different mathematical experiments. Provision of mathematical games, abacus etc is also made.


The School has two Computer Labs well equipped with latest hardware and software configurations. With fully equipped computer lab, we expose children early to computer education. We have qualified teachers to assist students for searching information, creating multimedia presentations and executing project work.


As a matter of fact a library is an essential source of knowledge, the school premises is consisting of library facility for the students. The library infrastructure is inspirational and conducive to learning, thinking and exploring ideas.

There are two wings of the library – senior and junior. The library has subscription of multiple copies of periodicals besides maintaining a rich stock of books on various topics.

The library infrastructure fully utilizes internet for exploring the digital world of knowledge.

With books of different kind and times, it provides literature from different authors and tends to influence the young minds. New knowledge widens   student’s knowledge horizons and let them to make their own opinion on different issues.
A vast variety of books are available related to Literature, Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and GK which help students to learn beyond curriculum.