Personality Development And Co-Curricular Activities

The School provides excellent opportunities for all round development of students through their participation in various dance and music programmes, workshops, games and many other co-curricular activities which help them gain exposure to areas other than academics and learn to utilize their spare time & energy innovatively and constructively.

Their participation in Debates, G.K Quiz, Group Discussions etc. based on carefully chosen themes also aid in enhancing creativity, self confidence, self-discipline and overcome stage phobia.

House System and Students Council

In order to develop leadership qualities, confidence , creativity ,develop a sense of responsibility and to encourage healthy interaction amongst students , the school is divided into four houses namely Santosh (Contentment), Dhairya (Endurance), Sachchai (Truthfulness) and Dharam (Righteousness).

Each house has a deep rooted meaning connected with the value system based on principles of Equanimity and Even-sightedness.

Every child is automatically assigned one of these houses and expected to learn, imbibe and demonstrate the values of his/ her own house and other houses as well.

Based on their attitude, discipline, performance in academics, co-curricular activities and sports, students are selected for the ‘Students Council’ to manage extra -curricular activities under the supervision of their house masters/mistress. This body comprises of House Captains, Vice Captains and other Prefects.

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