Children today spend less than half the time playing outdoors than their parents did and are less likely to spend time outdoors at school. They are growing up in an increasingly indoor, sedentary and virtual world, ever more divorced from the real world around them. This has a significant impact on their physical health, emotional wellbeing, social competence and their connection with the natural world and their local communities.

The best place for children to enjoy the outdoors, learn about the natural world and take vigorous exercise on a regular basis is in the school grounds.

Acknowledging that play has a role in child’s development and learning throughout the school life, play time opens child’s wing to fly in the external world and strengthens the foundation of social life.

The playtime  should be included in appropriate ratio with the academics so that it can make the student life joyful and stress free.

To accomplish this, 10 acres of land is dedicated for sports and games. Physical fitness with social, emotional and cooperative learning is emphasized in the playfield.

Play fields are the heart & soul of an institution or an establishment since they are the bulwarks of a healthy society. As a matter of fact our school has rich network   of courts & playfields. The facilities available are briefly described:-


Ensconced in the backyard of the school premises, covered from three sides giving it perfect location as good as being indoors, the court has international dimensions.


For the effective conduct of Track & Field activity we have Athletics arena with a 200 mts. Track marked besides pit for long jump and equipments for high jump.


Cricket Ground forms a part of larger complex of football & Athletics arena, where the activity is smoothly conducted. The ground is effectively utilized for matches as well as net practice, after the school hours.


We have a verdant football field lush with grass and well maintained since besides football it is extended to accommodate other activities also, like Cricket, in the vastness of its arena.


School swimming is a part of the curriculum for physical education . For the conduct of swimming activity as well as the practices for preparation of teams, to participate in various competitions, we have swimming pool, the sanitary & hygienic conditions of which are especially taken care. It is taught to all children under proper guidance of expert swimming coaches. Separate timings for girls and boys are set for the classes.


The school boasts of standard size volleyball court. The court is regularly marked and activity conducted evenly.